Mission and values

Krediidipank’s strategy lies in the strengthening of the bank’s role and impact on the Estonian and Latvian banking market.

Customer service, similarly to any other activities and operations, is based on a solid system of values. We have formulated our operation principles which guide and support both our customers in their business decisions and our staff members in their everyday work, as well provide the general public with an insight to the nature of Krediidipank, the basis for its operation, and the essence of the trademark.

Stability, sustainability and traditions are the keywords characterising Krediidipank today. Eesti Krediidipank is the oldest universal bank operating under the same trademark in Estonia. This is both the source of the dignity of Krediidipank, as well as an obligation to the customers and partners. We therefore have committed to associate ourselves with partners, events and activities which support historical traditions, folk culture, development of children and young people, and large families.

  • Vision

    Krediidipank aims at being attractive – i.e. a noteworthy bank. This means that we are governed by the triple A principle – i.e. to be:
    • ATTRACTIVE to customers
    • ATTRACTIVE to employees
    • ATTRACTIVE to investors.
  • Mission

    Krediidipank’s mission is to create a good setting for reliable management of everyday financial affairs for private and corporate customers.
  • Core values

    All Krediidipank’s staff members follow the principles of honest, transparent and ethical business conduct. We strive to be honest, fair and transparent to each other as well as our customers, business partners, owners and the general public.

    For Krediidipank, being competent means the need and the task of being up to date, competent, conscientious and efficient. Conducting business in Krediidipank is simple and quick. Krediidipank’s employees are dedicated, eager to learn, able to progress, and systematically develop their professional skills and knowledge.

    Krediidipank’s products and services are simple and clear-cut. We deem it important that the customer understands which products or services he/she orders, what is obtained in the process, and which rights and obligations are incurred. We consequently base the solution of the customer's financing issues on the customer's actual needs. Krediidipank’s structure is based on a three-level management model (council, board, branch and department heads), avoiding needless red tape and barriers.

    The service culture of Krediidipank is built around a welcoming atmosphere, personal approach and flexibility.

    Committed to seek solutions
    Krediidipank’s employees use active listening techniques in communicating with customers and colleagues. Our employees try to sympathise with the counterparty, willing to take responsibility for finding and working out a solution to the problem.